Certified System
Industrial Plating Company has extensive expertise in the surface finishing of a wide range of industrial parts. We have the capacity and expertise to provide original coatings to new parts as well as repair worn or damaged equipment to its original specifications. Our people are highly skilled craftsmen and technicians. Quality and service is a critical focus of every job. We use our knowledge and experience developed over more than 47 years applying industrial hard chrome, ceramic, metal, and carbide finishes that comply with very critical specifications and standards.

Industrial Plating Company typically uses the following processes to surface finish or repair industrial parts:
Our customers use our services for both new and used equipment to improve their results by:
  • Repairing worn or damaged surfaces of expensive machine parts
  • Reducing or eliminating process quality problems
  • Engineering new surface finishes to achieve desired results
  • Improving wear resistance of surfaces
  • Increasing part service life
  • Improving surface traction
  • Reducing or eliminating corrosion
  • Improving insulation of static or electrical processes
Examples of parts that we apply surface coatings or repair are:
  • Precision Industrial Rolls
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, Pistons, or Rams
  • Guides or Pins
  • Shafts and Mandrels
  • Wear Sleeves